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This region, under the Arabic name Al-Andalus, turned out to be a piece of the extending Umayyad Caliphate. The ineffective second attack of Constantinople (717) debilitated the Umayyad administration and decreased their notoriety. The Umayyads were then vanquished by the Frankish pioneer Charles Martel at the Battle of Poitiers in 732, which finished their northward advance. In the remote areas of north-western Iberia and the center Pyrenees the intensity of the Muslims in the south was hardly felt.

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It was here that the establishments of the Christian realms of Asturias, Leon and Galicia were laid and from where the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula would begin. In any case, no organized endeavor would be made to drive the Moors out. The Christian realms were for the most part focussed all alone inward power battles. Accordingly, the Reconquista took most of 800 years, in which period a not insignificant rundown of Alfonsos, Sanchos, Ordoños, Ramiros, Fernandos and Bermudos would battle their Christian opponents as much as the Muslim trespassers.

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