Native American Pattern phone case

Native American Pattern phone case

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he best chocolate I have ever had in my life I had in Bruge last December ? I still crave it lol it was at the chocolate line I love Bruges! If you haven’t been there check out the film ‘In Bruges’. The cinematography is a love letter to the city! Bruges was amazing. First place I’ve ever been overseas and solo. Must recommend Brouwerij De Halve Maan for a great beer (or two).

I just did a puzzle of this not knowing where it was. How strange that you posted this today. Btw if you find my missing piece let me know Love Bruges! Went there because of Rick’s guidebook. Some favorite memories, Frites in the main square, bike rides along the cobbles and canals, dinner at The Hobbit, drinks with random travelers who were from Brazil, and the winding climb up the church tower. Great memories, and wonderful people. Can’t wait to go back!










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