Dr Seuss I Will Drink Tito’s Here Or There Tumbler

Dr Seuss I Will Drink Tito’s Here Or There Tumbler

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I’m sure I’m one of the very few who did not like these books growing up and had nothing to do with racism. I just didn’t like the silliness of the books and still don’t ….my first graders read them and I certainly never shared my thoughts about the books with them. As throwing the books away is just as ridiculous to me as tearing down statues ….instead of erasing our history, we should learn from it….. Renee Carlton-England I was a K and gr. 2 teacher and I can’t stand his books either. I just don’t like them and never have—all the silly made up words never appealed to me. I always kept it to myself at school of course.

I really, really wish folks would stop using the argument that times have changed. It minimizes and disregards whatever the issue is that is being discussed. It’s dismissive of very serious problems. Racism has always been inherently wrong. During a time of greater acceptance, it only meant that a greater number of people were wrong. And please don’t tell me they did not know that. Being ugly at anytime in history is still being ugly. More importantly, during every time period when evil is exhibited, there are always folks being better…fighting for good… behaving like decent humans. That tells me that if one person could choose to be better than everyone could. Naturally, humans are imperfect and there are many reasons that we behave poorly. Talk about those reasons instead of rationalizing the behavior. When we are the ones that behave poorly, we should try to make amends, behave better, own our mistakes. Having hard conversations now about why people may have chosen to be racist (and still choose to be) is more important than skating over it with the “times were different” nonsense. Let’s be better than that. And giving some grace for changed behavior is imperative to our collective wellbeing and each of us as individuals. Change can be a hard, yet beautiful process!






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