Deadpool Fuck Corona shirt,hoodie, long sleeve


Deadpool Fuck Corona shirt,hoodie, long sleeve

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Ryan & Blake you are amazing! My feline children and myself love you to dead! “Maximum Effort” And the rest of Hollywood said look at me singing “imagine”. Nice that there are still some decent people there. God bless you and your family Ryan Reynolds. This power couple is amazing! Love you guys stay safe and thanks for everything you both do.

All actors and musicians should be stepping up to plate. If not for us non-famous hard working people, they would not be rich.Ryan has one of the biggest hearts I’ve seen. Truly a great guy! this is why me, a heterosexual male will always have a MAN CRUSH and a HUGE CRUSH on Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Good job, Hollywoods’ only decent couple…good job. P.S. Aviator Gin is awesome!





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