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Regon is in the bottom four states in the entire country for testing to begin with. Lane County was steady with cases and there’s been a spike, albeit small, in the last week. I’m hopeful, but I’m still waiting to see the outcome of the protests and riots. As are the epidemiologists.

The testing data just isn’t there to support this statement. And what data there is, OHA won’t release it to the public. This is classic Oregon government behavior. Kate Brown and Pat Allen only care about enriching their billionaire investors and friends. Follow the money.

The i ok not reason the state took such drastic measures is… they didn’t want to get sued . For who knows what. Better safe then sorry

Our situation is NOT stable. Most people are still doing the same things they did 4 weeks ago. There has been no real “opening” other than the protests over the weekend.

In comparison to how much active testing? We’ve only been open a day and a half. This is ridiculous. How can you even post this article with any shred of integrity?

Anytime I go anywhere, half of the people aren’t wearing facecoverings but are still happy to invade my personal space, let alone stay 6 feet away from me.

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