Best Horse Dad Ever Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Best Horse Dad Ever Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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there are just too many  what was 100s is now 10,000s. I wish we could relocate that many, but there just aren’t the homes for them and their population grows more yearly. That’s why I think sterilizing as many as possible is the best option.
I love horses SO much (I have three of my own), but I also love the prairies and nature and sometimes hard decisions have to be made to conserve it

Shawna Zinner-Doan sterilizing invasive horses to control their population and prevent the spread of disease and loss of the environment is NOT the same thing as attempted genocide. How could the two even be compared?? Its no different than fixing and releasing feral cats to control populations. Sterilizing people in an attempted genocide is a completely different thing!
North American countries have done some messed up things in their histories and the treatment of the First Nations people is very near the top of that list.
My belief that wild populations of many animals need to be controled because our ancestors messed up the natural course of things so much has nothing to do with my beliefs on humanitarian issues.

As far as caring about National Treasures, I think the environment should be more valuable than sentiment (unless it is to save human life), so no, I don’t particularly care much.

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