Favourite cthulhu mythos in night all over printed slippers

Favourite cthulhu mythos in night all over printed slippers

global warming. It is just the weather. Claims that the so-called science of global warming is “settled” are hogwash. As Paul Georgia pointed out in a recent commentary on Tech Central Station, “One can find a half dozen National Academy of Sciences reports from the last five years that argue that not only is the science not settled, but that scientists are operating in almost complete ignorance on many of the most basic and key assumptions behind the theory.” This, of course, does not disturb Ms. Carey and the army of Greens who have been insisting for years now that global warming is real. It is not. It is not even science. It is politics as seen in the United Nations’ effort to force the world to accept its Favourite cthulhu mythos in night all over printed slippersKyoto Treaty in order to reduce energy use. The claim is that greenhouse gases produced by human activity will doom the Earth. Who are you going to believe? The Green claim of global warming or the huge piles of snow left behind by the latest record-setting blizzard? The one thing that the claim of global warming has achieved is the debasement and perversion of science.

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