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Let’s take this Chihuahua avenger shirt. I always said, “I don’t want a yappy little rat-dog!” Then my daughter received a Chihuahua from her uncle as a birthday present. She named him Thor. He is fiercely loyal and loves to snuggle. He can climb up in my lap and sit there all evening with both of us being quite comfortable;

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I couldn’t do that with the big dogs we’ve had in the past. When we travel, we like to take our dogs whenever possible. It is so much easier to travel with small dogs. We now have two of them and they share a seat in the minivan. If we need them to be somewhere else, we just pick them up and set them down where we want them to be. In fact, we have been so happy with Thor that when our older dog (who was a big lovable mutt) passed away, we got an 11 year Chihuahua-Pekingese mix rescue dog. She’s a little sweetheart named Daisy.

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