Review Basset hound avengers shirt

Basset hound avengers shirt is a cute shirt that you should have. I was a basset hound owner for 15 years. My family got our one and only basset hound when I was just eight years old. She was flown to us from Georgia (which inevitably became her name) and it was love ever since.

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Though basset hounds aren’t the most athletic dogs nor do their long sausage bodies and stubby legs make for easy access onto the couch, they make you fall in love with them with their adventurous spirits and long-eared faces. Bassets are short-haired dogs so their fur is very fine and thin unlike say, a golden retriever who has very long hair. Because of this, and because bassets are also known for being on the chunkier side, what I like to call their “little chunk rolls” are more noticeable on them. But in my opinion, I think basset embrace their curves and their rolls!

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