Pug dog why hello sweet cheeks poster

Originated in Asia around 400 BC. However, Pug’s origins are still a matter of controversy. Some experts believe that Pug originated from the Far East, imported by Dutch traders. They also think that it may be a branch of the short-haired Beijing dog. However, there is another opinion that Pug is the result of the breeding of the baby Bulldog.

From the sixteenth century, the Pug became the favorite and most fashionable in European courts, peaking in the Victorian period. The Pug is a favorite dog in temples and shrines in Tibet, after which it was imported into Japan. Continuing his travels to Europe, the breed quickly became the royal pet of many countries and even became the official dog of the Royal Dutch. It was the little Pug that saved Prince William’s life when he alerted his owner about the attack in 1572. When the British invaded the palace in Beijing, they found here a number of Pug and Peking dogs. and bring them back to England. The American Dog Federation officially recognized the Pug in 1885.

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