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Alonso’s father wanted a hobby to share with his children and built a go-kart for Lorena. She was uninterested in karting and a three-year-old Alonso received the kart. The Horse nice butt poster karts’ pedals were modified for drive-ability, and the local racing federation granted him a mandatory kart racing license aged five; his father rejected an offer for his son to be a goalkeeper for the RC Celta de Vigo football club. The family lacked the finances required to develop him in karts; they could not purchase rain tyres and forced Alonso to adapt to a wet track on slick tyres. Alonso devised three timing sectors en route to school to improve himself daily. His mother sewn his racing overalls and adjusted them as he grew; she ensured Alonso was academically well off. His father steered the kart early on and was his accountant, counselor, manager and mechanic.

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