(Limited Edition) Arya’s Dagger Not Today shirt

When down into the world of Midgard, the Valkyries transformed into swans, looking for beautiful springs to bathe. Arya’s Dagger Not Today. Any young woman who has become a Valkyrie will forever have immortality and will never be hurt if they obey the orders of the gods and are always a virgin. God Odin sent them to the battlefields, crept in battle to select the bravest warriors, who died to bring to the holy hall Valhalla, where their souls would become Einherjar. The warriors lived and fought under the command of many different gods, but at Valhalla they were all called the Einherjar (the ones standing in the same ranks). It is an army of spirits – the army will fight with the gods in the apocalyptic battle of Ragnarok that the three sisters Norn mentioned.

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