Kitchen Faucet

Faulty kitchen faucet

After waiting four months for the manufacturer to replace the kitchen faucet in his new fifth-wheel, a frustrated Trailer Life reader asked RV Resolutions to step in and try to speed things up:

* In May 2015, we purchased a 2015 Open Range 3X, manufactured by Highland Ridge. About three months later, we noticed a problem with the kitchen faucet. There is a button that is supposed to switch the flow from spray to stream, but it does not function properly, and the pressure has weakened because the mechanism is now stuck between the two options. The pressure increases when I push the button but decreases when I am not pushing it.

Faulty kitchen faucet

We believe this fifth-wheel was the one on display at our local RV show and was on the dealer’s lot until we purchased it. That gave ample opportunity for many people to play with the faucet mechanism.

At the time we noticed the problem, I contacted the service department at Sonny’s Camp-n-Travel in Duncan, South Carolina, where we purchased the fifth-wheel. I was asked to send a photo so the correct faucet could be ordered from Highland Ridge. I did so.

Since then, there has been no contact from the manufacturer. Perhaps you might intervene.
After hearing from Edward Iwanski, RV Resolutions sent a petition to Highland Ridge on his behalf, along with a copy of his original letter of explanation. We later received the following note from Iwanski:

* Sonny’s Camp-n-Travel received the new kitchen faucet from Highland Ridge. I am convinced that, had we not contacted RV Resolutions, we still would not have our faucet. Thank you for your assistance.

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