User manual blender properly and safely

Blender is a kitchen appliance, used to mix, crush, mash food and some other ingredients to add nutritious, delicious food to the family. However, during the use of blender users sometimes encounter problems such as the blender is too strong or grinding mill suddenly stop working. So use the blender properly and ensure the safety, housewives please refer to the article below to be able to use the blender more effective offline.

Before using the blender

– Before using, be sure to properly assemble, fit and fully fit the parts. The blades must be assembled in accordance with the main blender (blender) and the blender (meat grinder, dry grinder …) before fitting into the machine. Especially for multi-function machines, the parts are usually disassembled should read the manual before use.

– Be sure to check the plugs, blades, grids and other components prior to grinding. If you see any components that are defective, stop using the device and contact a service center for replacement and repair of damaged parts or repairing the problem.

– Do not operate the machine when there is no food in the main mill or the mill and do not remove the cap until the knife stops rotating.

– The process of using each grinding button does not exceed 30 seconds. If the machine is running for too long will quickly hot machine, the effect is not high but the machine quickly damaged. Whether it is a dry or wet grinder, milk or water should be added to keep the machine running smoothly. When juicing fruit should not leave all the fruit but should be cut into small pieces, the quality of the juice better.

– Before milling should see the norm and often use less food than the norm. The food should be carefully filtered (meat, fish) and grinded in a moderate amount, before blending right to drain to avoid shooting out.

– Check the plugs, blades, filters and other components carefully before you start grinding. If any components are damaged, stop using the device and contact your dealer for replacement. repair and maintenance.

When using a blender

– When grinding, add water or milk to the glass to increase the efficiency of grinding or mixing and extend the life of the machine.

– To avoid danger when the machine is operating, do not use your hands or other foreign objects to get food or get out of the machine.

– Do not grind continuously for more than 30 seconds. Let the machine rest for a few minutes then use it again, especially when the machine is hot.

– To avoid danger when the machine is operating, do not use hand or other objects to the mill for food.

– After milling, if you are not satisfied with the level of food, you need to grind again. At this point, you should add water or milk to the mill to increase the efficiency of grinding, prolong the life of the machine.

– If you are using the machine to stop working, it is most likely due to too much food in the blender, not enough water or space around the blade. At that time, turn off the machine, stir the food to get more space blade area, add water.

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After using the blender finished

– Disconnect the power, remove the parts of the blender and clean the machine.

– Be careful with the blades and cutting parts of the blender during operation and cleaning. Never remove the lid of the mill until the knife stops rotating.

– When finished, unplug the socket, lift the mortar out of the pedestal, then turn clockwise to remove the bottom of the mortar.

– After using the machine, pour water into the dip and clean the machine immediately after. If left for a long time, vegetables, fruit, food … will hold fast, and a good environment for the disease causing bacteria, and difficult to clean up later.

Clean the blender properly

– Do not clean the body directly with water, but use a wet towel, soft brush or sponge for cleaning. Do not clean the product with metal detergent, detergent or corrosive liquid.

– Drain the dishes into a soft cloth, clean the mortar, the mortar and chopsticks. Use the towel wand wash each slot to get all the food to cling.

– Wash the appliance under strong tap, so that the remaining residue can be removed. Absolutely do not let your hand touch the knife because the knife is very sharp.

– When the machine is very clean, take soft rags, wet wipes, then airy or put down to dry machine otherwise the machine will smell unpleasant.

– To ensure long-term use, after grinding, soaking and rinsing knives and funnels with a soft brush. Do not overheat water then mortar in the refrigerator, because with crunchy plastic material very cracked roots.

– Do not rinse with hot water, as it is usually crispy, if it is too hot and then the refrigerator is prone to cracking.

Here are some tips when using the blender to make the machine operate smoothly, which Tran Anh electrical machine want to communicate with you. Also, when choosing to buy a blender, you should pay attention to buy machines with blades of iron or metal rust. If you choose a plastic or glass container is still guaranteed to withstand the force, good heat.

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