Simple and effective use of the blender

How to use the blender to be effective and durable is not known. The following article will guide you to use the blender properly and effectively
Blender composition
The construction of a blender consists of two parts: the body and the mill, which are connected to each other by connecting blocks or threading to help the consumer easily disassemble. Inside:

Body: Most of the material is plastic. The outside includes controls, a heat sink and rubber pads for non-slip purposes. The inside consists of an engine (an important part of the blender clamshell), circuitry, discs, etc.
The mill is made of high-grade glass or resin-resistant plastic, which consists of a blades made of stainless steel or stainless steel, a blender, a lid, a stirrer and a piece of rubber gaskets. to prevent leaks.

How to distinguish the type of blender

Blender: This blender is quite selective with two simple functions that can both be dry and can be wet grind.

Handheld blender: This type of blender has a compact design, convenient to use and especially flexible. This machine is currently popular in the market.

Multipurpose Blenders: These models support multiple functions in the same product. Some of the outstanding features include: blender, juicer and egg whisker, etc. This machine will be equipped with a mill and blades to suit different purposes. should also quite convenient.

How to use the blender
How to use the blender is quite simple with each step listed below, you just need to monitor is done right.

Step 1: Clean and cut the ingredients
First of all, for fruits like yogurt, strawberry, coconut after you buy, then you cut them out, cutting the diced. For vegetables such as chives or herbs, cut into short pieces.

Step 2: Put the ingredients in the mill
Before you begin to grind raw materials, you must fit all the components together. Choose the type of blade suitable for each type of food. Then place the mill on the machine. Then process the ingredients into the mortar and add some milk or water to the mortar, depending on your taste, then cover the lid.

Step 3: Conduct grinding
Ok then we start the power plug and press the stuffing button to mix the ingredients even more, with the fruit is mixed about 5 times, for each mix is ​​5s.

Step 4: Unplug the power after grinding
After you have finished grinding, you turn off the machine by pressing the button 0 and unplug the power.

But note when using the blender
Before grinding
Do not use the blender to grind meat, only use the blender to grind fruit and vegetables.
Before you start grinding, you have to check if the parts have been fitted together or not.
Absolutely not allowed to operate the machine when there is no food in the mortar.
While the machine is grinding
Processed food in the right amount, accounting for about two thirds of the machine.
The disadvantage of the blender is that when operating continuously for more than 30 seconds it will be very hot. Therefore, you should limit the machine to operate continuously, must have time for the machine.
After you have finished grinding
Do not put your hands into the blender jar to avoid danger.
After the power off you have to wait for the machine to cool before starting to clean the machine.
For easier sanitation, after the milling is done, it is recommended that the water is soaked, so that it will be easier to clean.
How to clean the blender
After you have finished using your blender, clean the blender. Hygiene is also simple.

Use a soft cloth with a small amount of dishwashing liquid to clean the parts such as mortars and lids. Separate with the inside of the mortar, you can use the chopsticks combined with the cloth to clean.
Once you have cleaned, use a clean towel to wipe it off and dry the parts in the dry place. After a few simple steps you can easily clean the blender.

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